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Meet The Founding Partners

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Servicing Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

Our mission is to end the world’s reliance on disposable packaging and make reuse as easy as single-use. We see a future where borrowing reusable packaging becomes the default choice for all customers across all industries where food and beverages are sold. To do this we offer a suite of complementary and a la carte products and services. These include a wide range of reusable packaging, an advanced washing service for reusables, a tracking technology for businesses to easily implement reusable packaging programs, and consulting services for packaging and washing facility development.

Servicing Greater Montreal

Bo empowers food service providers to replace single-use packaging with a menu of options to build a reusable packaging solution. We offer innovative products, technology that enables borrowing services to clients & warewashing services adapted to the operational realities of restaurants, caterers & cafeterias. Disposable packaging isn’t only bad for the planet - it leaves money on the table. Deliver better takeout meal experiences with reusable food packaging.

Earthware Reusables Inc
Servicing Calgary and Edmonton

Billions of food takeout containers become garbage on our streets or go into our landfills every year. 

Earthware is a return-for-reuse takeout container service that eliminates this problem. Providers like restaurants, grocery stores, farms and many others replace their single-use containers with Earthware reusable containers, at a lower cost. They pack all takeout meals in Earthware and charge a small deposit per container.  Consumers can retrieve that deposit by returning Earthware containers to bottle depots.  Depots then return those containers to Earthware, where we inspect, wash and sanitize them for resale back to Earthware providers.

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Servicing the Greater Toronto Area

Muuse’s flexible reuse hosting platform allows for the complete management of reusable food and beverage packaging assets enabling brands and programs to deliver universal or customized items and experiences to their customers, system interoperability for global coverage, logistics, wash solutions and embedded reporting which tracks compliance and KPI’s.

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