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Unlocking A Zero-Waste Nation

Commercial washing and logistics are now available to scale zero-waste packaging programs across Canada  


Our mission is to rapidly unlock sustainable zero-waste cities.  The National Wash Network is made up of businesses in cities across Canada that operate commercial washing facilities and provide turn-key logistics services for reusable packaging programs for any size business. All partners have years of experience operating reuse programs and are passionate about supporting the growth of the industry and the circular economy across Canada.  This network makes launching a national reuse program easy and affordable.  




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Our washing facilities can be found in cities across Canada. See our locations to find a facility near you.

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Media & Press: Media@NationalWashNetwork



Welcome to the Future

For humans to continue to thrive on this planet we need to ditch the disposable lifestyle and embrace a new era of sustainability.
However, the infrastructure doesn't exist to switch to a life free of packaging waste....until now!
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